hetncrop-logo1What is HETN

  • HETN is a Charitable Foundation, registered in the UK.
  • Our goal is to address nutrient depletion, believing this to be crucial in health, education and social upliftment programmes.
  • HETN’s approach is based on numerous scientific trials that demonstrate the importance of micronutrients in the prevention and management of chronic disease.
  • Our projects have a single aim – to ensure that the recipients of feeding programmes receive a daily food portion that includes all the required micronutrients in a bio-available form.

How HETN Achieves its Goal

  • By partnering with NGOs in the field, to ensure that their nutritional interventions are appropriate and cost effective.
  1. Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) – Crèche Feeding
  2. South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA) – Community Based TB Support
  3. World Vision South Africa (WVSA) – Orphans & Vulnerable Children
  • By providing wholegrain food, with all the cereal fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals intact, and with the addition of all the required micronutrients in a form that is bio-available (chelates or food form).
  • By comparing different formulations and measuring outcomes, with the aim of increasing the evidence base that supports nutritional interventions in the management of chronic disease.
  • Our projects are already benefiting several thousand people in South Africa.
  • Excellent nutrition overcomes Hidden Hunger and improves immune function, reducing the impact of infectious diseases, such as TB, Malaria and HIV.

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UK egistered Charity No. 1116097