In Africa, we support e’Pap, a pre-cooked, whole grain food, based on maize and fortified with soya and a cocktail of 28 nutrients. Its composition and brand name is suited to Africa’s taste, where people traditionally eat maize and call it Pap. The formulation is based on a local understanding of nutritional need, and uses state of the art, first world fortification chemistry to ensure bio-availability and bio-efficacy.

What is e’Pap?

  • e’Pap is a pre-cooked, MVM-fortified, wholegrain, maize / soya / sorghum mix.
  • It delivers in a single food portion 28 nutrients in a bioavailable form.
  • It has been shown to be effective in restoring healthy nutritional status in individuals who were previously nutritionally deplete.
  • Numerous case series support the use of e’Pap:
  • It is an African solution
  • It has been established as an intervention for 8 years.
  • It is currently distributed in 15 African countries.

If you have any stories about e’Pap and how it is making a positive change in your community, business or organisation, add a comment below. Or if you have any suggestions or comments about e’Pap, we would love to hear from you.

13 responses to “e’Pap

  1. Michael Golden

    When is E’pap going to be properly evaluated in terms of its efficacy? The numerous testimonials do not substitute for proper clinical evaluation.

  2. Geoff Douglas - CEO - HETN

    This will happen as soon as scientists and health professionals wake up to the fact that:
    1) There is a global nutrition crisis which is not being addressed.
    2) Refined cereals have little nutritional value.
    3) A mix of chemical isolate micronutrients, courtesy of the pharmaceutical industry, does not and cannot correct deficiencies.
    4) Double-blind clinical trials looking at single micronutrient intervention will invariably show little benefit, because we need a balanced diet.

    Where are the proper clinical evaluations of a ‘balanced diet’ or ‘5 fruit and veg’. They do not exist. And where is any proper clinical evaluation of Plumpy’nut? There is none, unless we believe that BMI equates with nutrient repleteness.

    1) Anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of e’Pap is mounting by the day.
    2) At HETN, we are working with the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) to:
    a) Collect and collate data from our TB/HIV and crèche interventions.
    b) Develop a ‘gold standard’ for the non-invasive evaluation of nutritional status.

    The tragedy remains that orphans & vulnerable children and persons living with HIV and TB in developing countries continue to be denied the benefits of appropriate nutritional support, whilst scientists and health professionals argue about proper clinical evaluation.

  3. Charlotte Bailey

    In response to Michael Golden, there are people out in the field doing everything in their power to create as much evidence as possible however it will take someone bigger with the power to take a leap of faith and fund a ‘proper clinical evaluation’.
    It is irrefutable that e’Pap is saving lives and playing a key role trying to curb the ever-increasing issue of TB. I’ve been to the townships in both rural and urban areas and I’ve seen the difference e’Pap makes, the testimonies are endless of people going from bed-ridden to walking again; small children going from zombie states to running and singing. This small thing makes a difference to thousands of lives and to ignore the testimonies is naive and consequently the reason why the situation in Africa is so extreme, no one is prepared to do the things that will save lives, they’d rather conduct research and in the meantime endless lives are lost.

  4. annetjie

    since i hear about epap, iam interested, i think its n wonderfull pap,
    i just want to know where i can buy it , iam staying in mpumalanga. its for my own use
    thank you


    When will e’pap again be available in Namibia?
    So many people need it.

  6. e’Pap is changing a nutrient deplete society; one mouth at a time.

  7. A fellow Rotarian, after a major operation has put on 5 kgs in a month after I practically forced him to add 50 grams ePap to his oats each morning He wants more and has now asked for a supply for a friend who has also recently undergone major surgery. A lady with severe shingles and after 5 major operations was never told by any of her surgeons/doctors to take vitamins and minerals to boost her immune system. I put her on ePap and her energy level went up so much that she has taken a further 3 months supply. These are just a few responses from individuals to whom I have donated ePap. I myself eat a heaped dessert spoon every morning with my muesli and for a rather mature woman I have an abundance of energy. It works.

  8. Catherine Aicken

    @Geoff Douglas
    e’Pap’s evaluation will depend on policymakers and the availability of research funding. It is not (or not solely) down to ‘scientists and health professionals’.

  9. how do i prepare or mix e’pa for my 5months baby?

  10. can we also have a taste of your e’pap in Nigeria?

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