HETN/SANTA Feeding Project.

Despite being a curable disease, TB continues to spread at an alarming rate in Africa. A major reason for this is the high prevalence of compromised immune systems. TB is increasing at an alarming rate as are drug resistant cases. TB is at crisis levels and needs to be at centre stage of all health and funding issues.

For this project HETN has partnered with the South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA) which was formed in 1947. SANTA is creating a model for community based intervention, with nutrition at its core. They have seen that good nutrition reduces the time for conversion and abates recurrence and transmission among family members.

HETN is providing the nutrition in the form of e’Pap. The results have been astounding gaining e’Pap the reputation within the communities of being a “miracle food”. For more information on this project follow this link. To read actual extracts from the people running these programs on the ground follow this link.

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HETN/SSVP Crèche Feeding Project Alexandra Township, South Africa

Described by Nelson Mandela as ‘exhilarating and precarious’, Alexandra Township (Alex) in north eastern Johannesburg is a sprawling ghetto.

A Presidential Node, Alex has been identified by the SA Government as an area of exceptional need. Over half a million people live in an area of approximately two square kilometres. HIV/AIDS, TB and malnutrition are rife. There are many orphans and vulnerable children.

HETN has partnered with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul to provide over 400 informal crèches in Alex, providing daycare for 10,ooo preschool children of the cities poorest residents. Most children from these communities suffer from multiple micronutrient deficiencies, leading to skin and hair problems, runny noses, frequent illnesses and lethargy.

HETN is using e’Pap to restore the healthy nutritional status to these children. Within 6 weeks of receiving e’Pap, the children’s skin and hair improves, their colds disappear, they gain weight and not only interact, but play noisily all day.

To read more about this, follow this link

Before e'Pap

Before e'Pap

After e'Pap - 6 weeks later

After e'Pap - 6 weeks later